Yum Cha Afternoon Tea

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The Yum Cha tradition originated in southern China, specifically in the Cantonese region. Many movies depicting old Hong Kong or Shanghai begin with a scene showing a man walking into a tea house with his bird cage or cricket box in one hand and his pipe in the other. He sits down and orders his regular tea and dim sum, as people read newspapers and chat in the background. This is the traditional yum cha teahouse scene. Our guide Lisa Zhu will take us to a local restaurant with a 1950s atmosphere. We’ll try the special Cantonese style afternoon tea with drinks, dim sum, and dessert while Lisa introduces the unique yum cha culture and food and explains how it was impacted by the British.

Thursday, March 1

12:45pm Registration, 1pm to 2:30pm

Intersection of Sinan Rd. and Nanchang Rd.

RMB 250 (includes a drink and dish/dessert)

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