Yixing Ceramics Capital

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Join us on a two-day journey to Yixing, the Ancient Ceramics Capital of China and origin of dark-red enameled pottery. Yixing also has natural wonders such as limestone caves, 3500 hectares of tea plantations and over 800 miles of ancient bamboo forest, called the Bamboo Sea.  We will climb the No.1 peak in south of Jiangsu; enjoying the panoramic of Bamboo Sea.  At the base of the peak we will find the source of Taihu Lake. Join us for an overnight shopping and hiking journey!

April 11

April 12

Please email travel@seashanghai.org by April 1, for more information, under subject type “Yixing” and include your membership number, mobile phone number, and roommate preference.  Reservation closing date is April 6.  SEA coordinators are Kathy Fry, mobile: 182-2192-4306, Beth Howder, mobile: 150-0017-4461 and Traci Weyer, mobile: 156-1832-5477.