XinChang- from Salt Trade to Folk Art

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Beyond Pudong lies the ancient town of XinChang, once a trading center for salt. Today this peaceful little town maintains most of its original residents and attracts quite a few folk artists who work within its peaceful and harmonious surroundings. Today local Shanghai guide Lisa Zhu will take us through this unique town in a part of Shanghai that many of us have not heard about or visited. We begin with displays in the Salt Trade Museum where we learn about the importance of salt and the salt trade. We will watch folk artists at work and view a demonstration of the intricacies of papercutting. We may catch a famous miniature-carving artist at work and perhaps hear the Shuo Shu Ren, (the story teller), recount many tales at the teahouse. We will have the opportunity to sample local snacks including the begonia cake, to visit a cafe with a unique contemporary interior and to step into a wooden house. Lunch will be at a local restaurant that was once a pickle store.

Thursday, June 22

8:45 Registration, Departure 9am, Return 4pm

PuDong Shangri-La Hotel, old tower lobby
Metro stop LuJiaZui 陆家嘴地铁 一号出口

RMB 580 (includes bus, lunch, museum entrance fee, paper cutting demonstration, begonia cake snack)

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