Understanding Chinese Abstract Oil Painting

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Western abstract art is acknowledged as having transformed the painted canvas as a modernist signifier. Yet, what about abstract art in China? Is it valid to claim that abstract oil painting in Asia is but a mere “derivative” of a western construct? How are we, as viewers, to understand Chinese abstract art? What do Chinese artists have to say about abstract art? To explore these issues, Art Historian Julie Chun will provide a concise lecture that discusses how Chinese abstract oil painting is similar and dissimilar to the abstract painting that emerged in Europe and the United States, and examine the implication of spiritual ideals that are encoded on the painted canvases.

Tuesday, March 7

2:00pm to 4:00pm

Pearl Lam Gallery Shanghai
181 Jiangxi Zhong Lu (near Fuzhou Lu)
(there are two complexes on Jiangxi Lu with number 181, one is a hotel/apartment complex and the other is the gallery, please come to the gallery)
江西中路181号1楼 近福州路

RMB 100 (includes tea and snacks)

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