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In the high-altitude areas of Tibet, tea has been a daily necessity for centuries. Tibetan tea also served as a political weapon that replaced warhorses and was used as currency during economic recessions. Today, we will explore this concept at the Laoximen tea market. Laoximen translates to “old west gate” which refers to its former location at the Old City’s western gate. As we tour the market, we’ll learn about bainong culture which goes hand-in-hand with tea appreciation. We’ll sample selected teas not only from Tibet but other lesser known areas, and uncover the mystery behind the Yixing tea pots. Unique snacks will be provided.

Tuesday, February 28

10:00am registration, 10:15am to 12:15pm

Laoximen Tea Plaza
(meet in front of the main doors under the words Laoximen Tea Market)
1121 Fuxing Dong Lu, near Zhonghua Lu

RMB 250

Please email events@seashanghai.org by February 25, under subject type “Tibetan Teas” and include your membership number and mobile phone number. SEA cancellation policy applies after February 25. SEA coordinator is Jennifer Schmidt, mobile: 156-9217-9207.