The Scholars and Courtesans of Nanjing (CANCELLED)

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When we think of Nanjing, monuments and museums of China’s 20th century history come to mind. However, this trip offers an immersion into the often-overlooked, colorful culture of Nanjing. On this journey, the team from Shanghai and Beyond will take you to meet the city’s artisans as they demonstrate their skills at unique folk arts such as velvet handicrafts, silk carving, and miniature wood engraving. We’ll discover the intimate lives of China’s enchanting courtesans at the former residence of Li Xiang Jun, and compare the lifestyle differences between concubines and geishas. At the Imperial Examination Hall, we’ll learn what it meant to be a scholar during dynastic times, and observe the cramped cubicles designed to intimidate even the most well-prepared candidates. Finally, we’ll explore the bustling QinHuai River area to learn of its quirky rain flower pebbles, and shop for souvenirs.

Tuesday, June 6

7:45am Registration, Depart 8am, Return approx. 8pm (Train ride is about 2 hours each way)

Shanghai HongQiao Railway station
Meet at McDonald’s on 2nd floor mezzanine level

RMB 750 (includes high speed train tickets, private bus, tickets and lunch)

Please email by May 31, under subject type “Scholars and Courtesans of Nanjing” and include your membership number and mobile phone number. SEA cancelation policy applies after May 31. SEA coordinators are Anna D’Ettorre, mobile: 185-2179- 3118 and Felice Kuta, mobile: 185-0178-367.