The ins and outs of exhibition making

Event Details

What does it mean to “curate” an exhibition? How are artists selected for an exhibition? How does space and the placement of artworks make or break an exhibition? Art Historian and Adjunct Professor of Art History, Julie Chun, will take the space of K11 art mall and the exhibition “Capricious Structure” to dissect and discuss the ins and outs of exhibition making. Through an insightful walk-through of the exhibition, which will require thoughts to be prodded and gaze to be provoked, we will be provided the basic skills for understanding what constitutes contemporary exhibition so that we can gage the objective and subjective relations operating in contemporary art.



Thursday, September 27


1:45pm Registration, 2pm to 4pm


K11 Art Museum, B3
300 Huaihai Middle Road (near Huangpi Nan Road)
Line 2, South Huangpi Road (Huangpi Nan Lu)


RMB 150, includes museum ticket


Please email by September 24. Under Subject type “Exhibition Making” and include your membership number, mobile phone number, and WeChat ID. SEA cancellation policy applies after September 24. The event costs need to be paid in cash only. SEA coordinator is Sharon Pallorino, mobile: 177-1756-5011.