Suzhou: Shopping for Arts and Crafts

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Suzhou, known for its famous gardens, has much more to offer! As Lisa Zhu takes us holiday shopping for local arts and crafts, we will learn how they are made and their importance in Chinese culture. We begin by learning the differences between real silk and synthetic imitations and watching the production process from worm to silk. There will be fine silk products such as scarves, ties, bags, and pajamas available for purchase. For lunch, we will dine on local Suzhou cuisine. Our tour continues in Tao Hua Wu, an area famous for woodblock printing, known as Mu Ke Nian Hua in Chinese. We will see an artist at work as he produces beautiful and intricate prints. In the Woodblock Print Museum, fine examples of this art form are on display. Those who wish to may also buy some prints in the museum shop and the local stores. Our shopping spree will continue along the famous Shan Tang street which is situated along a canal where there will be many opportunities to purchase local arts and crafts.

Tuesday, December 5

7:45am Registration, 8am to 6pm

Shanghai Centre
Baker and Spice
1376 West Nanjing Road
(metro lines 2 or 7 to Jing’an Temple station)
上海商城 南京西路1376号

RMB 500 (includes bus, lunch, entrance fees and guided tour)

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