Survey of Art in China – Session 5

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China Art Museum

Art took a turn towards modernism in Shanghai. Why was that historically significant to the city of Shanghai? How did its locality and history attribute to the shifting conditions in society? How did the emergence of the Shanghai School painters disrupt the literati tradition? This fifth session of the Survey of Art in China series, taught by Adjunct Professor of Art History Julie Chun, will take place at the China Art Museum, the largest museum (by square footage) in all of Asia. We will also briefly discuss the history of museum building in China and the curatorial challenges facing Chinese museums.



Thursday, January 31


1:45pm Registration, 2pm to 4pm


China Art Museum
205 Shengnan Rd., near Guozhan Rd.
(metro line 8 to China Art Museum station, exit 3)


RMB 100 (includes museum special exhibition ticket)


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