Survey of Art in China – Session 4 -Introduction to Calligraphy and Ink Painting

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We continue the fourth session in the Survey of Art in China series as we explore the social context in which calligraphy and ink painting arose in China.  Why is calligraphy one of the highest and most esteemed arts in China? Was it always a critically elevated form of art? As we attempt to remove some of the mystique, the findings will astound and bemuse us. As Art Historian Julie Chun, Adjunct Professor of Art History, provides an accessible introduction into this vast and highly important art historical field of study, many answers (and more questions) will arise to reveal a fascinating and insightful glimpse into China’s intriguing past that continues to inform the present.

Tuesday, December 11

1:45pm Registration, 2pm to 4pm

Shanghai Museum, tea shop, 2F
201 Renmin Rd., People’s Square
(metro line 1, 2, or 8 to People’s Square station, exit 1, about a 10-minute walk)

RMB 100

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