Survey of Art in China – Session 2: Bronze

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Shanghai Museum presents a nice sampling of bronze artifacts yet lacks contextual information for understanding why so many “food and drinking vessels” were created in China’s early civilization (especially when they weren’t used for daily purposes). For our second session, Julie Chun (MA, Art History) will take you through the Bronze Gallery and discuss the process of production and the socio-political circumstances in which China’s bronze culture emerged and why it eventually declined. Please note that each session in this series can be taken independently.

Friday, October 27

1:45pm Registration, 2pm to 4pm

Shanghai Museum (2nd floor Café)
201 Renmin Da Dao,
People’s Square, Shanghai
(metro lines 1, 2, or 8 to People’s Square, exit 1)

RMB 100

Please email by October 24, under subject type “Art Survey Bronze” and include your membership number, mobile phone number, and WeChat ID. SEA cancellation policy applies after October 24. Event costs need to be paid in cash only. SEA coordinator is Sharon Pallarino, mobile: 177-1756-5011.