Session 8: Survey of Art in China – Overview of Chinese Contemporary Art

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This is the eighth session of the continuing series Survey of Art in China taught by Julie Chun (Adjunct Professor of Art History). This session will be a concise sit-down lecture, exploring the socio-political conditions that paved the way for the rise of contemporary art in China. Through this lecture, we will gain an understanding of the art and artists who came into prominence after the Cultural Revolution. This lecture will also highlight some of the pivotal reasons why many of the now renowned Chinese artists are recognized globally and why their works of art command soaring prices in the art market.

Friday, April 20

1:45pm Registration, 2pm to 4pm

Capsule Gallery Shanghai
Building 16, 275 Anfu Rd., near Wukang Rd.
(metro line 10 to Shanghai Library station, about a 15 minute walk)
安福路275弄16号1层, 近

RMB 150 (includes coffee, tea, and cookies)

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