Session 7: Survey of Art in China – Understanding Revolutionary Art

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This is the seventh session of the continuing series, Survey of Art in China, taught by Julie Chun (Adjunct Professor of Art History). Many of us recognize the symbolic images of China’s revolutionary art through propaganda posters and iconic Socialist Realist portraits, but what truly defines China’s revolutionary art? When did it begin? Who were the early artists? How were the form and content conceived? Julie Chun will provide a systematic understanding of Maoist era art beginning with the history of woodcuts that paved the way for the emergence of two distinct phases of art that culminated during the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution as the dominant visual culture throughout China. We will study why the art from this period had relevance and resonance for the emergence of contemporary art in China.

Friday, March 16

1:45pm Registration, 2pm to 4pm

Long Museum Pudong, meet in lobby
2255 Luoshan Rd., near Huamu Rd. (more details to follow to those confirmed)
(metro line 7 to Huamu Road station, exit 1, about 17-20 minute walk)
罗山路2255号, 近花木路

RMB 150 (includes museum entry ticket)

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