Session 3: Survey of Art in China – Shanghai Museum Sculpture Gallery

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For our third session of survey of art in China, led by Julie Chun (MA, Art History), we will explore the ancient sculptures of China. We will study how sculpture served as funerary objects and then later as religious markers for reliquaries, steles, and stone monuments. This museum talk will help you to better understand how foreign and indigenous doctrines became contextualized as institutional religions in ancient China. By the end of this guided lecture, you will recognize not only how statues evolved to gain religious preeminence in China but also understand the key traits defining Buddhist iconography in Chinese sculptures.

Tuesday, November 28

1:45pm Registration, 2pm to 4pm

Shanghai Museum, second floor teashop
201 Renmin Dadao, People’s Square
(metro line 1, 2, or 8 to People’s Square station, exit 1)

RMB 100 

Please email by November 25, under subject type “Art Survey 3 – Sculpture” and include your membership number, mobile phone number, and WeChat ID. SEA cancellation policy applies after November 25. The event costs need to be paid in cash only. SEA coordinator is Sharon Pallarino, mobile: 177-1756-5011.