Relaxation Sound Bath Meditation

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Relax, unwind and recharge in this relation meditation enhanced with sound therapy. Tibetan Singing Bowls create waves of vibrations that wash over your body. As you drift into a dreamlike state, the sounds create energy shifts inside your body to rebalance and harmonize your seven chakras. At times, bowls are placed on your body for intensive healing. Sound Mediations improve sleep, emotional and mental state, and reduce stress. The session begins with a short relation body scan and ends for most in a deep restful state.

The workshop will be led by Lizzy Schieffelin. Lizzy is well known in Shanghai for founding Lizzy’s All Natural Healthy food and Lifestyle brand. Lizzy is also an American Health Coach, Holistic Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor as well as a Rekei Healer and Crystal Therapist.

Monday, April 30

Registration, 8:45 am-11:00 am

36 Shaanxi Bei Lu #1702 Jing’an Shanghai
(metro lines 2, 12 or 13, West Nanjing Station or lines 2 or 7, Jing’an Temple station, just north of Yan’an Lu on Shaanxi Lu #66 enter the Wiselogic building, to the right of the Xiamen airlines office, walk in through car drive area on right of building, around building to back entrance and go up middle elevator to 17th floor, make a left out of the elevator past the ladies’ restroom and then turn right. You will find us in the Northeast corner #1702!)

RMB 150

Layers of warming clothing including socks. Blanket, pillow of relaxation accessories are optional. Refrain from eating a heavy meal before class.

Please email by April 25. Under Subject type “Sound Meditation” and include your membership number, mobile phone number, and WeChat ID. SEA coordinator is Diane Breen, mobile: 150-2651-0435. SEA cancellation policy applies after April 25. The event costs need to be paid in cash only.