Red Teas at the Pudong Tea Market

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Red teas, otherwise known as black teas in the West, are the loose-leaf origins of what ends up in many familiar supermarkets breakfast blends. These bagged teas, however, taste nothing like their Chinese counterparts. Find out why as certified tea specialist Tracy Lesh leads you to discover quality red tea, though sight, aroma, and taste. We’ll tour a wholesale tea market to understand its vast array of products, while vendors share their unique perspectives on how Chinese consumers enjoy red tea.

Sunday, March 4

10:15am Registration, 10:30am-12:30pm

International Tea City, meet at the statue of Lu Yu in the center of the plaza
Lane 1683, Dong Lu Road, Pudong
(metro line 9, Middle Yangao Lu, 15-minute taxi ride)

RMB 250 

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