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Explore China’s changing perceptions of its most famous dress in relation to its modern history. Newman Tours will begin at the Shanghai Museum examining the origins of the qipao and how it was originally used as a tool of oppression by the Manchurians. Next, we will head to the Former French Concession and explore how the film industry encouraged people to look down on this style of dress. Finally, we will go and see some of the best bespoke qipao producers in Shanghai and explore how the qipao is viewed by the Chinese in the present day. A fascinating tour for anyone interested in Chinese fashion, history, and sociology, this tour offers the chance to look deep into the story surrounding China’s most controversial costume.

Monday, March 6

9:45 registration, 10am to 12pm

Shanghai Museum, north entrance
201 People Square, near Huangpi Bei Lu
上海博物馆北出口, 人民大道210号,

RMB 315 (includes transportation during tour)
RMB 250 for children 13 years and younger

Please email events@seashanghai.org by March 3, under subject type “Qipao Tour” and include your membership number and mobile phone number. SEA cancellation policy applies after March 3. SEA coordinator is Beth Howder, mobile: 150-0017-4461.