Pingyao and Datong

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The province of Shanxi is a treasure house of Buddhist arts, medieval cities and hidden temples.  Beginning in Pingyao Old Town we will walk along the ancient city wall, enjoy a lunch at a local courtyard, and spend the afternoon on a walking tour of the city. Pingyao is a fascinating step back in time. The next morning, we will drive to the Heng Mountain area to view the Hanging Monastery built high on a vertical cliff face defying all engineering logic.  The trip will end in Datong, one of China’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites.  Here you will see the Yungang Buddhist Grottoes. This trip is a must-see for all China Travel Connoisseurs! Click Pingyao and Datong for more information.

Saturday, April 1

Tuesday, April 4

Please email by March 13 for more information, under subject type “Pingyao & Datong” and include your membership number, mobile phone number, and roommate preference. Reservation closing date is March 18. SEA coordinators are Kathy Fry, mobile: 182-2192-4306, Traci Weyer, mobile: 156-1832-5477, and Beth Howder, mobile: 150-0017-4461.