This event is already full. There is a second trip on January 25-27th.   Renowned as the home of ice and snow, Harbin holds its annual International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival from January to early February.  Thousands of exquisitely-made ice lanterns, ice carvings and snow sculptures grace snow-covered parks, public squares and major streets, […]

Are carbohydrates as bad as their reputation? What is the difference between simple and complex carbs? With the help of Tanja Smits, a Holistic Health Coach, we will discover healthy options that are easy to incorporate into our daily routine and available in Shanghai. Tanja loves to work with women and families, helping them make […]

Poor old chardonnay!  The much-maligned grape has taken a battering in recent decades with the popular acronym ‘ABC’ (anything but chardonnay) becoming commonplace. But Paty, Laowines resident wine expert, wants to change that way of thinking. She’ll introduce us to the countless varieties of chardonnays as we spend a fun evening learning about this amazing […]