“There was a time when maps of the world were redrawn in the name of plants, when two empires, Britain and China, went to war over two flowers…” and so begins our lesson. We will sample our way around a wholesale tea market while hearing the fascinating story of how England changed the way the […]

From the soft and graceful Taoist marital arts of Wudang Mountain, to the explosive Buddhist techniques of Shaolin Temple, China is famed for its rich martial arts heritage. This Kung Fu tour, led by Newman Tours, aims to give you a broad overview of that heritage, by not only taking you on a guided tour […]

Our guide Patrick Cranley, President of Historic Shanghai, will walk us through the golden age of Shanghai’s Social Clubs of the 1920’s. We’ll explore the former French, British and American clubs that were frequented by expatriates of the time. We’ll walk through neighborhoods of the past, and will ride the metro from the Former French […]