Nanjing Purple Mountain and Memorial Hall (NEW)

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Nanjing is one of four great ancient capitals of China. Its epic influence and the tombs of Sun Yat Sen and the first Ming Dynasty Emperor can all be observed at Purple Mountain. During this very special day trip opportunity, the team from Shanghai and Beyond will share the stories of these legendary heroes as we explore the scenic paths and relics. Lunch will include Nanjing specialties such as tangbao dumplings, salted osthmanthus duck, and vegetarian delights. The Massacre Museum displays the viciousness and speed with which Japanese troops killed hundreds of thousands of Chinese citizens in a 1937 WWII nightmare. The political climate and background preceding this event will be discussed before we enter. *Purple mountain has many steps and is moderately strenuous.


Thursday, March 28


7:30am Registration, 8:00 am-7:30pm


Shanghai HongQiao Railway Station
Costa Coffee, Mezzanine Level above 2F, west end of railway station
Metro line 2/10 HongQiao Railway station


RMB 950 (includes high speed train tickets of 290 pp, private bus, morning snacks, water, lunch, and entrance tickets.) Note: guests should provide passport copies and payment at registration, and bring a bagged dinner or snacks for the train ride home. **Times are approximate, depending on train ticket availability.


Please email by March 19. Under Subject type “Nanjing” and include your membership number, mobile phone number, and WeChat ID. **Please note, March 20 is the absolute deadline since Shanghai & Beyond has to buy the train tickets!
SEA cancellation policy applies after March 20. The event costs need to be paid in advance by March 20 either in cash or WeChat Pay. SEA coordinators are are Suanne Sardi, mobile: +86 156 0184 0262 and Lilo Bruckmeier, mobile: +86 185 1530 6671.