Moxibustion (NEW)

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Moxibustion is a warm, soothing, healing therapy in which the dried herb mugwart is burned on or very near the surface of the skin. Its effect is to invigorate the flow of Qi in the body, to increase positive energy, and to dispel certain pathogenic influences by bad Qi. Join us as we explore this traditional Chinese therapy. Our topics will include moxa, meridians, and the similarities and differences between acupuncture and moxibustion. We’ll learn about the proper way to preform moxibustion, using both experience and practice, providing the tools to do moxibustion treatment on our own.



Wednesday, September 5


9:45am Registration, 10am to 12:30pm


Miracle Mandarin 21F, 319 Changde Rd., near Beijing Rd.
(metro line 2 or 7 to Jing’An Temple Station, exit 4 if line 2 or exit 10 if line 7)
常德路319号 近北京西路

RMB 250 (includes coffee/tea and materials)

Please email by September 2. Under Subject type “Moxibustion” and include your membership number, mobile phone number, and WeChat ID. SEA cancellation policy applies after September 2. The event costs need to be paid in cash only. SEA coordinator is Sharon Pallarino, mobile: 177-1756-5011.