Morning Park & Tea Market

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We will start our walk with Janny Chyn from Shanghai Pathways at the entrance of one of the oldest local Chinese parks. Every day, entertainers, artists, and martial arts performers descend on the park. Each area bustles with different activities such as Tai Chi, ballroom dancing, calisthenics, and music performances. After our walk in the park, we will go to a four-story wholesale tea market which targets area re-sellers, so the prices are very good. Here we will have a brief discussion of tea’s history and health benefits. We will learn how experts judge good quality tea by examining its leaves, and then we will compare the teas by sight, smell, and taste. Sampling is the best way to learn about the tea, so we’ll relax, ask questions and sip delicious tea.

Monday, June 5

10am Registration, 10:15am to 12pm tour

Entrance to ZhaBei Park (look for the big tea pot sign)
1555 Gonghexin Lu
闸北公园 上海市共和新路1555号

RMB 200

Please email by June 2, under subject type “Morning Park” and include your membership number and mobile phone number. SEA cancellation policy applies after June 2. SEA coordinator is Jennifer Schmidt, mobile: 156-9217-9207.