Longmen Ancient Mountain Village

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Centuries ago during the Three Kingdoms era, the great leader of the southern Sun clan successfully defeated the fierce General Cao Cao at the Battle of Red Cliffs. The Sun family descendants retreated to the peaceful village of Longmen where their spirit lives on and their legacy is respected throughout the mountain community. Well-preserved Ming and Qing dynasty ancestral halls, commoners’ dwellings, and cobblestone lanes, which were constructed with local river stone, take the visitor back in time to a simpler lifestyle. The town was designed to confuse invaders with a complex layout. Shanghai and Beyond’s Tracy and Michael will guide us through the alleys and teach us about the symbolic carvings and profound architecture of this historic town. In addition to telling the traditional story of “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, our guides will show our group the stunning heritage architecture and adornments of the area. Local retirees will share personal anecdotes from childhood and discuss the town’s unique blend of agriculture and academics. You will sample local specialties at lunch, including “Immortal Chicken”, gluten-wrapped pork, and seasoned wild vegetables from nearby farms. The tour will conclude with a scenic trek outside the village to enjoy the breathtaking landscape. Bring your camera to capture this unforgettable journey!

We will travel by high-speed train. Full payment of 750 RMB and passport photo page is needed by November 21. Shanghai and Beyond uses several methods of direct payment. Directions for payment will be sent directly to each member who registers for this adventure.

Thursday, November 30

7:25am Registration, 8am to 8pm

Meeting Place:
Shanghai HongQiao Railway Station
Near S20 Outer Ring Expressway, Shenhong Road Minhang– Metro Line 10 or 2 Hongqiao Airport Terminal 2
3RD Floor, Mezzanine level, at Costa coffee

RMB 750 (includes high speed train, bus, lunch, tickets, dinner to go) 

Please email daytrips@seashanghai.org by November 24, under subject type “Longmen Ancient Mountain Village” and include your membership number, mobile phone number, and WeChat ID. SEA cancellation policy applies after November 24. SEA coordinators are Anna D’Ettorre , mobile: 185-2179-3118 and Felice Kuta, mobile number 185-0171-8367