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拉 (la) means to pull or stretch and 面 (mian) means noodle; la mian is a type of Chinese noodle that is made by twisting, stretching, and folding dough into strands. This hand-made process involves taking a lump of dough and repeatedly stretching it to produce many strands of thin, long noodles. The dough is pulled to about arms-length then looped, joining the two ends into one while using fingers to keep the strands from sticking. Today, learn how to make la mian from scratch in this hands-on cooking class.

Tuesday, December 12

1:45pm Registration, 2pm to 4pm

Chinese Cooking Workshop
370 Wulumuqi Rd (S) near Zhaojiabang Rd
(metro lines 7 or 9, Zhaojiabang Road station, exit 2)
上海市徐汇区乌鲁木齐南路370号 近 肇嘉浜路

RMB 200 

Please email by December 9, under subject type “La Mian” and include your membership number, mobile phone number, and WeChat ID. SEA cancellation policy applies after December 9. SEA coordinator is Jennifer Schmidt, mobile: 156-9217-9207.