Hongkou Walk with Spencer Dodington

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Hongkou, just north of the Bund, is one of Shanghai’s more interesting neighbourhoods. Close to the city proper, it is an area largely unknown to the Chinese and expats alike. From the earliest Concession days, Japanese shop owners and other entrepreneurs came to the city in search of opportunities. By the 1920’s, there were more than 20,000 Japanese civilians living in Hongkou. In this walk, we will discuss their stories and explore the architectural remains of this forgotten part of Shanghai’s history. This walk, led by Spencer Dodington, is one of the last two walks he is hosting before he repatriates!

Wednesday, April 19

10am registration,10:15am to 12:15pm

Broadway Mansions Hotel
20 Suzhou Bei Lu, near Bai Du Qiao
百老汇大厦  Bǎilǎohuì Dàshà
百老汇大厦酒店, 苏州北路 20号, 柏度桥附近

Wu Jin Lu and Sichuan Lu, near metro line 10 North Sichuan Lu

RMB 200 

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