Historic Nanjing

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Join us on a weekend trip to Nanjing.  During our ride to Nanjing we will be introduced to the history of Nanjing by our tour guide Lisa Zhu.  After arriving at the Purple Mountains, we will begin with a visit to Sun Yat Sen mausoleum and proceed from there to the Ming Tomb.  Afterward enjoy a hike on Forsythia Mountain and enjoy a wonderful view of the city. Later we will visit the Fuzi Temple area and see the QingHuai River.  Experience the evening view of Nanjing and dinner at a local restaurant.  Travelers will be able to explore the city on their own in the evening.  Sunday, we will depart early and visit the Nanjing Massacre Museum before returning to Shanghai.

Saturday, March 4

Sunday, March 5

Please email travel@seashanghai.org by February 1 for more information, under subject type “Nanjing” and include your membership number and mobile phone number.  Reservation closing date is February 4. SEA coordinators are Kathy Fry, mobile: 182-2192-4306, Traci Weyer, mobile: 156-1832-5477, and Beth Howder, mobile: 150-0017-4461.