Hidden Treasures on Stationery Street (NEW)

Event Details

Fuzhou road is known as the “stationery street” in Shanghai. Even as the world moves to digital media, some business owners have managed to keep their shops running with an offering of unique non-digital products. Lisa Zhu will lead us on an exploration of this hidden treasure in the heart of Shanghai as we search for one-of-a-kind Christmas or Chinese New Year gifts. We will visit stores with stunning stationery, locally designed crafts, beautiful wrapping paper, greeting cards, frames, and high-quality fabrics from Japan and Italy.



Wednesday, November 7


9:45am Registration, 10am to 12pm


Intersection of Fuzhou Rd. and Xizang Rd., in front of Raffle City Mall
(metro line 1 to People’s Square station, exit 14)
福州路和西藏路路口, 来福士广场


RMB 200


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