Hidden Dragon Waterfall

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Plan a weekend escape to enjoy some magnificent scenery in Anji County, Zhejiang Province. Hidden Dragon Waterfall is the biggest waterfall in Zhejiang Province with a total 60 meter drop. On this trip we will not only see the waterfall, but also Jiangnan Heaven Pool and the Anji Bamboo Sea.  The last stop of the weekend will be at the Anji Bamboo Expo Garden which will give you a chance to have close contact with China’s national treasure – the panda. Golfing at the JW Marriott Hotel, which we will be staying at, is an option for those interested. Click Hidden Dragonfor more details. 

Saturday, April 21

Sunday, April 22 

Please email travel@seashanghai.org by March 18, under subject type “Hidden Dragon” and include your membership number, mobile phone number, WeChat ID and roommate preference. Reservation closing date is March 21. SEA coordinator is Dave Barth, WeChat ID: advntrguide.