Guang Ming Cun

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Every day , from 10am to 6pm, local Shanghainese people line up for takeout food at Guang Ming Cun. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, a scalper might charge over RMB 300 for a front spot in line to buy mooncakes! Today, we will enjoy a meal with our guide Lisa Zhu, while she explains why this restaurant is so important to locals. We will learn how to “read” the menu and how to order. We will try many signature dishes, both very healthy and very delicious, and Lisa will explain their history as it relates to the city and its people.

Monday, May 21

10:45am Registration, 11am to 12:15pm

Guang Ming Cun
588 Huaihai Rd. (M), near Chongqing Rd. (S)
(metro line 13 to Huaihai Middle Road station, exit 1)

220 RMB (includes lunch)

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