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When it comes to describing the development of the Bund, legends abound. How were the farmlands turned into private wharfs and a South-Asian style corridor, eventually becoming an “international architectural exposition”? How were the westernized Public Park and the wide Yangtze Road along the Bund built? Why did foreign consulates, western firms, and financial institutions want to set up here? And why was the area named the Bund? Janny Chyn from Shanghai Pathways will reveal the answers to these secrets during this unique walking tour. We will visit the first Western hotel in China, where part of the building was secretly changed to a huge compound with local Chinese living in old hotel rooms. We will also visit the first all-steel bridge and the most famous historical building in Shanghai.

Monday, May 22

10am Registration, 10:15am-12pm

Astor House Hotel
15 Haungpu Lu, near Garden Bridge
上海浦江饭店,黄浦路 15 号(近外白渡桥)

RMB 200

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