Shanghai Women’s Heritage

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What did women in the Qing Dynasty wear? How did the tailors make those exquisite costumes by hand? How did fashion trends develop? In her lecture, Ms. Shirley Shen, owner of this private museum containing over 400 antique costumes, shoes, and headdresses, will present valuable examples of antique costumes and provide us with insights into costume culture, combining history and theory with pieces from her precious collection.



Thursday, July 5


10:15am Registration, 10:30am to 12pm


Joy Way 700
Huangpi Rd. (S), near Hefei Rd., Building 700, 2/F
Shanghai GemTong Arts and Design
(go the end of Joy Way 700, take the staircase up to the second floor)
(metro line 10, Xintiandi station, exit 2 or line 13, Xintiandi station, exit 4)


RMB 100 (includes Chinese tea and small bites)

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