Discover the Flavors of Indonesia (CANCELLED)

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Unfortunately this event has been cancelled. Indonesian cuisine has a unique blend of Dutch colonial influence along with traders from India, China, and the Middle East due to its geographical location and history. Being rich in natural resources and famed for its spices, Indonesian cuisine demonstrates extremely complex flavors layered with texture. Come indulge in Tumpeng, officially the national dish of Indonesia, a turmeric infused rice dish originating from Java that is presented in an interesting cone shape. Then move on to Sumatra, famed for its Rendang, a curry stew of chunky beef in coconut milk and chili spices. Known as the Indonesian salad, Gado-gado, is a salad full of texture from the fresh vegetables that is topped with shrimp crackers and peanut sauce.

Wednesday, March 29

10:45am registration, 11:00am to 1:00pm

In front of 555 Nanjing Xi Lu building
(intersecting Chengdu Bei Lu)
南京西路555号, 近成都北路

RMB 250 (includes lunch)

Please email by March 24, under subject type “Indonesia” and include your membership number and mobile phone number. SEA cancellation policy applies after March 24. SEA coordinator is Mandi Surmon, mobile: 183-2100-3706.