Dinghaiqiao Mutual-Aid Society – Where Art Meets the Community

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Dinghaiqiao Mutual-Aid Society was established in 2015 by Chen Yun (with inspiration and support from colleagues and neighbors), that takes the notion of a local community as a site of dialogue and mutually complimentary exchange. This special walking tour of the community, known as Dinghaiqiao, will be led by the on-site volunteer coordinator Zhao Yiren. Zhao will discuss the imperatives of documenting this sector of Shanghai’s disappearing city as she leads us through the community not often visited in the far reaches of Yangpu District. After the guided walk, we will congregate for a moderated talk with the Art Historian Julie Chun and Zhao Yiren to discuss how this project is impacting the local community and how it can be legitimately categorized as “art.”

Thursday, June 15

1:15pm Registration, 1:30pm-3pm

Meet at Exit 3 of Metro Line 12, Aiguo Road stop

RMB 100 (All proceeds go to the Urban Studies Researchers.  http://dinghaiqiao.org/)

Please email events@seashanghai.org by June 12, under subject type “Dinghaiqiao” and include your membership number and mobile phone number. SEA cancelation policy applies after June 12. SEA coordinator is Jane Bouve, mobile: 158-2146-8541.