Dark (Fermented) Tea Tasting

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Dark teas are a unique type of tea where the leaves are fermented, giving rise to their characteristic flavors, dark colored liquor, and unique aromas. Descriptions range from ‘earthy and mushroom-y’ to ‘the smell of damp leaves on a morning walk in the forest.’ We’ll discuss how the processing methods differ in both raw and cooked varieties, taste teas from the primary regions that produce them, and examine how the flavors evolved as they aged. The team from Shanghai and Beyond will lead us on our discovery of this ancient tea production method. Unique snacks will be provided.

Sunday, May 6

10:15am Registration, 10:30am to 12:30pm

TianShan Tea City, under the arch at the Yuping Rd. gate
28 Yuping Rd. (S) near Zhongshan Rd. (W)
(metro line 2 to Loushanguang Road station, exit 3, 15-minute walk)

RMB 250

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