Chinese Temples and Religion

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The religions of Taoism, Buddhism, and Islam all play important roles in the development of Chinese culture. Taoism has bequeathed to the world the popular practice of Feng Shui and Buddhism is responsible for tea drinking. Shanghai is home to these and other religions, each with vibrant temples and a worshiping public. On this tour, you’ll visit Chinese temples of these religions and learn about the buildings’ design, architecture, Feng Shui, and religious traditions and concepts.

Wednesday, September 27

10am Registration, 10:15am to 12pm

McDonalds front entrance at Yuyuan Garden
Intersection of Fuyou Lu and Lishui Lu, near the taxi roundabout
(metro line 10 to YuYuan Garden, exit 1, turn right when you leave the station, then turn right again on Lishui Lu)

RMB 250 (includes entrance fees)

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