Art Talk – Tucho Iglesias Silk Sculpture Robes

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Welcome to the creative world of Tucho Iglesias!

Tucho grew up in Spain with parents who are collectors and patrons of the arts. From an early age, his life was seeped with antiques that led to his deep appreciation for precious artifacts that travelled over time. As a young adult, he began roaming the globe, where his own search brought him to his encounter with rare textiles in China. Over the past 16 years, he has been meticulously accumulating intact and fragments from Ming and Qing dynasty silk robes worn by the aristocrats to the painted cloth door covers protecting peasant homes in Shaanxi Province. His wish is to provide a second lease on life to these beautiful pieces by reclaiming them through his unique vision. Tucho’s holistic approach to design drives him to create interiors, furniture and artworks that meld elegance and simplicity.  He has been selected one of the Top 100 Design talents by AD Magazine.

The Cocoon Series reflects Tucho’s journey of self-discovery from Spain to China. As a lawyer and businessman, it was not until Tucho traded his sheltered life for the unknown in China that he found his sense of fulfillment. One of Tucho’s first friends in China was Madam Song Huaikuei who, in 2003, shared her passion for Chinese silk robes appreciation. Over the years, Tucho came into the circles of important robe collectors in China, bringing him close to authentic and high quality embroidered pieces that, for various reasons, were never completed. After amassing a significant collection of fragments, Tucho felt the need to conceive the pieces as a whole. Collaborating with the Chinese calligrapher Master Luo, ink on paper came together with embroidery and silk for the construction of unique artistic robes composed of mixed media. Join us for an enlightening afternoon talk, moderated by Art Historian Julie Chun, that is sure to be immersive in creativity and Chinese culture.

Friday, September 15

1:45pm Registration, 2pm-4pm

Chai Living
370 North Suzhou Road (near North Sichuan Road)
北苏州路370号 (在河南北路和四川北路中)

RMB 100 (includes light snacks and tea)

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