Ancient Highways of Japan

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Explore the ancient highways of Japan travelled by feudal lords, merchants and pilgrims.  Visit Takayama Old Town with beautifully preserved buildings and streets dating from the Edo period.  Experience the daily life in rural Japan with locals fishing in rivers, drying persimmons hung under eaves and pickling vegetables.  Continue to Shirakawa-Go, a secluded mountain village in the Japanese Alps, where the roofs are shaped similar to hands folded in prayer. End the trip visiting Nagoya Castle before returning home. Click HERE for more information.

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Please email by November 3.  Under the subject type “Takayama” and include your membership number, mobile phone number, and roommate if applicable. Reservation closing date is November 10, 2017.  SEA coordinators are Kathy Fry, mobile:  182-2192-4306 and Beth Howder, mobile: 150-0017-4461.