3 DAYS HARBIN –  Ice Wonderland (FULL)

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This event is already full. There is a second trip on January 25-27th.


Renowned as the home of ice and snow, Harbin holds its annual International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival from January to early February.  Thousands of exquisitely-made ice lanterns, ice carvings and snow sculptures grace snow-covered parks, public squares and major streets, turning the city into a dreamlike world of pure whiteness and gleaming crystal.  Online pictures cannot fully capture the magic of this place.  You must experience it in person to truly grasp the magnificence of this winter spectacle. 

During this family-friendly trip, we will visit:
St. Sophia Church, the largest Eastern Orthodox Church in the Far East, initially built as a Russian Army church after completion of the Trans-Siberian Railway.

Zhao Lin Park, with its elaborate ice lanterns, ice sculptures, and ice architectures.

Sun Island, with its incredibly-detailed snow sculptures of all sizes, along with outdoor winter activities like snow-sliding and ice-biking.

Siberian Tiger Park, where we will ride buses amid dozens of free-roaming Siberian tigers, then have a chance to feed them as we get up close and personal.

Ice & Snow World.  One of, if not the, largest ice architecture parks in the world!  Walk among entire buildings made of crystal clear ice harvested from the local river, and animated with dazzling neon lights.  Catch a ride in a reindeer-drawn sled.   Marvel at the spectacle of it all while you sip hot chocolate and afterwards enjoy a traditional local hotpot dinner.  

The final day we will stroll along Central Street, Harbin’s fashionable pedestrian street. With its many unique European-style buildings, we’ll see why the city was considered China’s fashion capital in the 1920’s since new designs from Paris and Moscow would arrive here first before being sent on to Shanghai.   After a visit to the Harbin Jewish New Synagogue we will transfer to the airport for our flight back to Shanghai.

Deluxe hotel accommodations at the Shangri-La Harbin, airfare and all meals are included.

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DEPARTURE        Friday, January 18

RETURN                  Sunday, January 20

Please email travel@seashanghai.org.  Under subject, type “Harbin” and include your membership number, mobile phone number, WeChat ID and roommate preference. Reservation closing date when the tour is fully subscribed. SEA coordinators are Dave Barth, mobile:177 4089 2429, WeChat ID: advntrguide and Felice Kuta, mobile: 185-0171-8367, WeChat ID: felicerobinkuta.