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For questions about the Shanghai Expatriate Association (SEA):

Marlene Bednarik, President,
Adrielle Chizmar, First Vice President,
Theresa Fei, Second Vice President,
Anita Laurila, Recording Secretary,
Julia DeVos, Treasurer,
Parke Wiegman, Co-Secretary & Co-Treasurer,
Lori Ozdowy, Courier Editor,

Teresa Chang, Ex-Officio

For Community Outreach contact:
Laura Tang, Chairperson at

For Courier Advertising Inquiries contact:
Sophie Lee at

For Courier Distribution issues contact:
Karen Milfull and Caroline Risch, Co-chairs at

For Courier Editorial Inquiries contact:
Lori Ozdowy, Chairperson at

For Database related queries contact:
Theresa Fei, Chairperson at

For Day Trips contact:
Anna D’Ettorre or Felice Kuta, Co-chairs at

For Hospitality contact:
Parke Wiegman, Chairperson at

For Membership Inquiries contact:
Marlene Bednarik or Adrielle Chizmar, Co-chairs at

For Member Discount Program contact:
Beth Howder, Chairperson at

For Newcomer Welcome contact:
Margrit Amelunxen, Chairperson at

For Small Groups related queries contact:
Anita Laurila, Chairperson at

For Special Events and Luncheons contact:
Jennifer Schmidt, Chairperson at

For Travel contact:
Kathy Fry, Chairperson at

For Website Administration contact:
Karen Shih, Chairperson at

For all other general inquiries contact us at: